AESA’s Young Professionals (YPro) Committee was founded in February 2015.

YPro’s mission is to establish a network for the young career-minded professionals while fostering community leadership through networking and professional development. The main purpose of YPro is to take advantage of the resources of the experienced professionals within the AESA and establish a professional network through mixers, panels and group talks.  

The Resume Workshop is one of the activities of YPro Committee, where prospective and current engineers and scientists receive guidance from experienced AESA professionals with diverse backgrounds.  As part of the Resume Workshop, participants are guided in enhancing their resumes to reflect their skills, knowledge, and education in a way that is relevant to the jobs they seek.

Furthermore, YPro has established strong ties with the All Armenian Students’ Association (ASA) council comprised of student groups at various colleges and universities.

CHAIR: Asadour Tarakchian

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AESA Young Professionals Committee kickoff Mixer

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