Results of the 20th Annual AESA Science Olympiad

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To increase the interest in sciences and engineering among young Armenian students, foster their knowledge beyond the confines of a classroom through mentorship and learning opportunities, and provide recognition of outstanding achievements from students and teachers through scholarships.


To nurture our students’ passions for engineering and sciences by providing them with the platform and resources needed to become future contributors of our global society.


The Science Olympiad committee (SOC) was established in February 2002 with the ultimate goal to increase interest in sciences and engineering among young Armenian students, foster their knowledge beyond the confines of a classroom, and provide recognition of outstanding achievements by students and teachers.

The committee organizes an annual Science Olympiad competition among Armenian students from Armenian and public schools in the Los Angeles area. The Olympiad provides interscholastic academic competition in the fields of Physical Sciences and Life Sciences for two grade levels, Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). Students’ projects are evaluated based on creativity, scientific approach, comprehension, and presentation. The Science Olympiad follows the California State Science Fair rules and regulations. The competition is judged by engineering professionals and scientists, many of whom hold advanced degrees in their fields. Some of the judges also serve at the Los Angeles County and California State science fairs. Participating students submit their projects and posters and are visited by a number of judges throughout the competition day. During the evaluation and interview process, the judges provide constructive feedback to all students for future improvements of their projects and presentations.

One of the purposes that the Science Olympiad is to prepare students for the county and state competitions as well as nurture their passion to engineering and sciences. Custom-made obsidian medals from Armenia are given to winners of the Science Olympiad competition, in addition:

Level of winner Senior (9-12) Junior (6-8)
1st place $250 $250
2nd place $150 $150
3rd $100 $100
Honorable mention $50 $50

An annual School Appreciation Award consisting of $300 has been given since the 4th AESA Science Olympiad. The school will receive this amount through the purchase of scientific equipment for its science laboratories. As of 2012, an additional $300 personal financial award has been added. It is given to the teacher who receives the most points based on the following scoring criteria:

1 point for each submitted project (not the number of participating students)
4 points for 1st Place winner
3 points for 2nd Place winner
2 points for 3rd Place winner
1 point for Honorable mention

The monetary Awards are supported by a special AESA fund, Science Olympiad Endowment fund. 

Special Award in Engineering and Technology (2021)

2 classes for the duration of 5 weeks will be awarded to students in Los Angeles: one for Junior level and one for Senior level

Judging criteria

  • Innovative use of technology (Software and hardware)
  • Logical approach
  • Real life application or utility
  • Out of the box thinking


In 2003, a number of industry leaders and AESA members offered internship programs to students for the summer. Twenty students took advantage of these opportunities by attending the UCLA Radiation Oncology Department and Medtronics internships.

In 2005, the SOC launched a mentoring program. Students are matched with experts in the area of their interest. The mentors consult the students to better guide them with their projects throughout the preparation of their science projects. 



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