HistoryAESA New York – New Jersey Section was established in 2009. Founding president Aram Setian.

In 2018, the section was renamed to AESA Northeastern Section.

Goals: Encourage technical and social interaction among Armenian Architects, Engineers and Scientists within the Northeastern States and foster dissemination of knowledge of Engineering and Science within the US and Armenia.

Most significant projects:

  • Mentoring Forum, annually, bringing together professionals from every area together with student.
  • Support for the Holy Martyrs Armenian School Science Projects/Fair
  • AESA Collaboration program with National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and Rutgers University
  • AESA Collaboration program with the Guimri Information Technology Center
  • AESA Collaboration program with the Shushi University of Technology
  • Supporting the educational and facility needs of the Aratashen village preschool
  • Periodic presentation and lectures on technical and non-technical topics
  • Honoring distinguished Armenia Engineers and Scientists at the annual anniversary banquet

Current Board members:

President                                                            Allen Berber     

Vice President (President Elect)                     Jennifer Papazian

Treasurer                                                            David  Michaelian

Membership  Committee                                  Shaunte Baboumian

Mentoring Committee                                        Vahan Tanal
Nominating Committee                                      Rafi Oundjian
Technology and Education Committee            Hovhannes Mardirossian
Web Design Support                                          Harout and Rafi Jamgotchian
President Emeritus                                             Aram Setian, Hovhannes Mardirossian   

Advisory committee                     

Liaison Student and 

Armenian Organizations                                    Harold Takooshian, Ph. D
Collaboration in Armenia                                   Irina Igitkhanian, Sammy Armen

AESA representative in Armenia                      Nver Khachaturyan, Ph. D

Contact Person: