VIDEO: Interview with Razmik Gharakanian and Peter Gevorkian at “Barev” with Nune Avetisian

Our global village, The Earth has limited fossil fuel stock for use in electrical power generation, which is sparsely distributed across the globe, Our planet is endowed with unlimited abundance of solar energy that can readily be converted into thermal and electrical energy which can readily be accessed by all mankind.

We believe that our organization offers the best turn-key engineering consultation service in renewable energy power generation to facilitate the realization of energy independence across all continents.

As international technology experts in solar power generation technologies, we are constantly focusing on innovative design and the development of novel technologies for large scale solar power generation projects. We believe that we must always strive to provide the best engineering design that can offer our clients the most cost effective and efficient solar power generation systems.

We believe in focusing on the most advanced engineering design methodologies so that we can provide our clients the ultimate reliable and cost effective solar power generation systems.

We believe in deep collaboration and support of our clients on all projects, forming client-consultant teams, which promote lifelong collaboration in a manner which is seldom offered by other organizations.

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