Since the early 1990s, the AESA Computer Committee has been actively involved in issues pertaining to Armenian Information Processing.  In 1992, computers were donated and installed at a hospital in Spitak Armenia.  A similar effort took place between 2002 and 2008 when hundreds of computers were donated and installed at various organizations in Armenia.  In 1994, the Computer Committee organized an international symposium on Armenian information processing.  A number of initiatives by the Computer Committee led to Microsoft to include Armenian keyboard drivers and the capability to locale information in Windows 2000 and subsequent operating systems. 

The Computer Committee has lately been revived.  It has evolved into a young community of like-minded IT Technologists and professionals who are working with or interested in Computers, Computer Science, Cyber Security and related technologies.

The group meets regularly at least once a month for high level talks, presentations and discussions on computer and technology topics, helping one another with ideas and to share real world experiences, to mingle and network together.  NASA JPL Mars Technologies, Integrated Transceivers in Silicon Photonics, Cyber Security, and ArmRobotics (a series of robotic competitions held in Armenia) are examples of recent presentations in those meetings.

The Committee also aims to enlist Armenian professionals already engaged in computers and technology to collaborate, exchange information, help and mentor the younger generation to advance in computer science and technology, update our skills and ultimately create and nurture business opportunities and technology collaboration among Armenians worldwide.



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