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Established in 1994, the mission of the AESA Architectural Committee (AC) is to promote awareness and preservation of historical architectural sites and introduce the rich fabric of Armenian architecture to both the American and Armenian communities. 

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In the aftermath of Armenia’s 1988 earthquake in Spitak, the need for kidney dialysis machines became very critical in saving the lives of earthquake victims. AESA played a crucial role in securing a few kidney dialysis machines and shipped them to Armenia.

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The AESA Civil Engineering activities began immediately after the 1988 earthquake in Armenia. The Civil Engineering Committee (CEC) would later be identified as the activities of AESA begin to multiply. The mission of CEC is to assist Armenia by providing knowledge and expertise in the field of Civil Engineering. 

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The Los Angeles AESA Computer Committee is a young community of like-minded IT Technologists who are working with or interested in Computers, Computer Science, IT Security, Cyber Security, IoT and related technologies.

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The AESA Environmental Committee provides assistance to Armenia by evaluating and solving environmental problems, raising environmental awareness and championing programs that would have a long-term effect on improving the environment.

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The mission of the IC is to promote technologies to help Armenia grow and Armenian companies to  expand their technical capabilities and marketing potential.

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AESA organizes a number of lectures throughout the year. Normally, the third Tuesday of each month, February through December, is selected for the lecture day. Sometimes a different date is selected based on the availability of the speaker. If you wish to present a topic in a lecture related to engineering or science, we encourage you to contact us.

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The National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA)-former  State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) is the legal successor of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1933. It was and remains the premier provider of technological education in the country. 

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Our mission is to lay the foundations of renewable power generation technologies in Armenia by promoting advanced education in sciences and engineering accreditation  in nations universities, and promote development of renewable energy technology research and product development hub in the region. The overall worldwide growth potential of the renewable power and Armenia’s need in development of a high tech value creation chain is an historical opportunity window that may allow Armenia to become one of the players in  science, technology and engineering regarding the renewable energy field.

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Established in 1993, the mission of the AESA Research and Education Committee (REC) is to sponsor the publishing of science and technical texts in Armenia, provide grants to scientists and engineers in Armenia to generate technical products, and promote the advancement of science and engineering education in Armenia.

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AESA’s Robotics Committee is working to promote science and engineering discipline in the younger generation of builders and thinkers.

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The AESA Scholarship Committee provides tuition assistance to graduate level students from an accredited university in United States.

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The AESA Science Olympiad Committee organizes an annual competition among Armenian students from Armenian  and public schools in the Los Angeles area.  The Olympiad is an interscholastic academic competition in the fields of physical and life sciences.

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The Young Professionals (YPro) Committee is dedicated to recruiting and connecting young engineers and scientists.

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