35th Annual AESA Gala in The News


Dear AESA Members and Friends,

Here are some links to articles published in the Armenian news media
regarding 35th Annual AESA Gala.










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  1. Artin Aghajanian
    Artin Aghajanian says:

    For those of us who missed Dr. yuri Oganesyan gala, we missed a historical day. The event signifies a rare and unique opportunity to meet one of the greatest minds in science and a place holder in the periodic table. Dr. Yuri Oganesyan is an Armenian giant and source of great pride for many proud Armenians. The event was a very rare chance to meet history, and it is a precious date. my warmest congratulations to mr. Johnny Shirajian for his unwavering dedication to AESA organization, and for his endless hours to put this wonderful event together.

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