Science Olympiad Committee (SOC)

Established in 2002, the AESA Science Olympiad Committee promotes engineering and sciences within middle school and high school students through mentoring and organization of an annual science olympiad. Each participating student receives a “Certificate of Participation.” Winners at the science fair receive certificates, monetary awards and obsidian medallions made in Armenia. The Science Olympiad also presents a teacher award and a school award each year. 


AESA established a special endowment fund to be able to support the Science Olympiad, where up to $5,700 is awarded to the winners of the competition. Other activities organized by the Science Olympiad committee rely on donations and fundraising. The table below shows the donations that were required to maintain the perpetual nature of the four awards given during the competition to each of the two grade levels and three technical categories. The awards are named after their donors. Six students are selected for each placement. If you wish to sponsor one of the four award levels, please contact AESA.


AESA SO Endowment Fund Sponsors (in alphabetical order)

Mr. and Mr. Armen and Ara Abrahamian
Mrs. Emma Abrahamian
Prof. and Mrs.  Mihran Agbabian
Mr. and Mrs. Zaven Akian
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Atoian
Mr. Sarkis Barkhoudarian Family
Mr. Krikor Vahan Bezdikian
Ms. Helen Dabaghian
Dr. Vrejouhi Darian
Mr. Vanig Godoshian and Family
Dr. and Mrs. Vaughn Gregor
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Grigorian
Guevrekian Family
Dr. Marina Guevrekian, In honor of Amalia Guevrekian
Mr. Simon Guevrekian, In the memory of George Guevrekian
Mrs. Seda Hovnanian, In the memory of Harmik Hovnanian
Mr. Harotune and Berjouhi Kalayan
Dr. Chahen Khandjarian
Mr. Raphael Minaskanian
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nazeri
Dr. and Mrs. Ookhtens, In the memory of Melanie Ookhtens
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sarafian
Shahmirian Family
Dr. Emmanuel Aaron Shirajian

AESA would like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors and supporters who have participated in monetary donations, dedicated their valuable time for this cause or encouraged their children to participate in the Science Olympiad. If you wish to place a donation or volunteer your time to help the Science Olympiad Committee, please click on the tab below.

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