Established in 1994, the mission of the AESA Architectural Committee (AC) is to promote awareness and preservation of historical architectural sites and introduce the rich fabric of Armenian architecture to both the American and Armenian communities. 


The Architectural Committee administers different projects aimed at presenting Armenian architecture to the public and preserving historical churches and monuments around the world.

In 1997, working through the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Architectural Committee was able to stop the Turkish government plans of converting Armenian historical churches and cathedrals of Erzroom and Cypress into hotels and mosques.

AESA’s Architectural Committee helps publish historical books and documents. Edmond Tigranian, the son of the famous composer Armen Tigranian, wrote “Armenian Architecture in Transcaucasia” which was sponsored by AESA and published in Yerevan.  The book has more than 400 pages of documentation and 180 photographs profiling the contributions and influence of Armenian architects from the late 19th and early 20th century in the building of the cities of Yerevan, Tiblisi, and Baku. Unfortunately, some of these architectural masterpieces no longer exist.

Within Southern California, the Architectural Committee commissioned five studies for a memorial for the city of Glendale, and sponsored several exhibits and lectures on Armenian architecture in Los Angeles. In November of 1994, the committee organized the Armenian Architecture and Arts Exhibit in Pasadena, California. Past exhibits included historical documents, paintings, Marash’s needlework, large wooden models of churches and other historical objects. The committee presented lectures on the contribution of the Balian brothers, Osmanian, Hamshen and Khodojourian architecture and the architectural heritage of Ani and New Julfa.

In Armenia, the committee provided CAD and USB handbooks to Yerevan Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute.

Part of the Architectural Committee exhibit in Pasadena, CA, 1994
Part of the Architectural
Committee exhibit
in Pasadena, CA, 1994

Part of the Architectural
Committee exhibit
in Pasadena, CA, 1994

Committee Members:

Sarhad Ghevandian

Parbi Boodaghian

rita baboujian

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